Efficient Noise Suppression – VACOCOIL Improved Attenuation at High Frequency


Common Mode Chokes (CMCs) with the patented VACOCOIL design offer improved attenuation at high frequency (f > 1 MHz) compared to standard designs. 


  • 10x improved impedance compared to standard design (@10 MHz)
  • Optimized for high current applications
  • Cost-optimized design

Efficient Noise Suppression Impedance Measurement Comparisons

Benefits of using VACOCOIL in your Application

Best-In-Class Choke Design Possible Design of High Current CMCs


Characteristic value

Massive wire

(Ø 3 x 3 mm)


(Ø 1 x 4.5mm)

Max. load current Iload (<130°C)                 80 A

102 x 76 x 25 mm (core)

122 x 122 x 48 mm (component

Winding capacitance CW 43 pF 13.5 pF
Resonance frequency fres 0.73 MHz 1.9 MHz
Insertion loss aE* @ 1 MHz 30 db 30 db
Insertion loss aE* @ 10 MHz 7 db 21 db
Impedance Z @ 10 MHz 176 Ω 1.2 kΩ




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