Soft Magnetic Stamped Parts

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A “part” ist made of magnetically soft or semi-hard material
and is the smallest possible functional part – which cannot be
further broken down – with magnetic properties


  • Utilization of our experience and knowledge as one of the market leaders for magnetic materials
  • Assistance from our laboratory in analysing problems and optimizing products
  • Utilization of our production know-how
  • Utilization of our facilities and experience in setting the magnetic properties

Typical Applications

Typical applications include

  • Pole shoes with maximum flux density
  • Electromagnets with maximum force
  • Flux conductors with high induction
  • Lamination stacks for high performance motors
  • Generators
  • Relay parts
  • Actuators


Parts and Components

Product Information

Related Products

Interlocked Stack made of Cobalt-Iron

Lamination Stacks

Lamination stacks are packages using single laminations separated by electrical insulating layers to surpress eddy current losses during dynamic magnetic load.

Lamination Stacks
Rods made of NiFe

40 to 50 % Nickel-Iron Alloys

Alloys with a Ni-content of around (40...50) wt% are characterized by a maximum in the saturation polarisation of up to JS = 1.6 T and a medium range permeability. By selecting appropriate rolling and annealing conditions, the shape of the magnetization curve can be varied over a wide range

40 to 50 % Nickel-Iron Alloys
Motor and Generator

Components for Electric Motors

Whether you are looking for materials, permanent magnets or complete stator and rotor assemblies, we provide  a comprehensive range of solutions for electric drives.  

Components for Electric Motors

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